Lake Velden Sail

A dismountable sail allows visitors to enjoy the warm Austrian summers.

Client: Rolf Kamps, UATT Immobilien Verwaltungs GmbH (UATT Realty Management GmbH)
Location: Velden, Austria
Completed: 2015
Architects: N/A
Site Engineer: Kurt Steintahler
Membrane Engineers & Patterning: Julian Lienhard, St.ructure Engineering & Robert Roithmayr, Tensile Evolution
Membrane Area: 480 m²
Membrane Material: Sefar PTFE
Scope of Work: Consulting, Membrane Design, Membrane Patterning, Installation 

This project called for a sleek shade structure to fit the atmosphere of the five-star resort setting, with the ability to be stored during the winter. The project required a large covering that could also function as a stage covering for live acts. 

Tensile Evolution designed the shape of this bespoke sail, finding the proper form and hand tailoring it to fit the area perfectly. The ‘V-shape’ effectively maximizes the covered area and the resulting ridge and valley design invokes the lightness of an elegant silken hand fan. Specially engineered corner fittings were developed through close collaboration with our partner engineers. The process for all this specification was accomplished in about two months from concept to installation, just in time for summer.