Pöttinger Entrance Canopy

A functional entrance symbolizes innovation for one of the world’s premier agriculture technology companies.

This heritage company called for a beautiful yet practical entrance to reflect their dedication to innovation. Tensile Evolution designed and engineered this unique structure, collaborating with partner engineers to solve the complex corner detailing challenges.  Our S-Curve seam utilizes a belt-in-pocket design that is superior to a cable and minimizes reliance on the truss supports, which with their sleek, arching shape evoke the high precision engineering of the farming machinery being manufactured in the facility. 

Client: Pöttinger Agricultural Technology Company
Location: Vodnany Car Park Entrance
Completed: 2016 (Expected)
Architect: Claire Braun Vöcklabruck
Membrane & Detail Engineering: Robert Roithmayr, Tensile Evolution & Julian Lienhard, St.ructure Engineering
Membrane Area: ~ 1,800 m²
Membrane Material: PTFE
Scope of our Services: Membrane Design, Membrane Engineering, Architectural Consulting