Abuja Velodrome Roof

The Abuja National Velodrome is a sporting landmark designed for sustainability and efficiency.  

After the original roof was destroyed in a storm, Tensile Evolution’s Horst Dürr* was brought in to aid in the design and installation of the replacement, helping to reengineer the roof so that it would not be susceptible to the same failure. Horst was the managing leader of the group of top membrane specialists, actively consulting on all aspects of the project from redesign to reopening. This required reexamining the entire process from design and installation to find areas for improvement. The new roof still stands, proof that a properly engineered and installed tensile membrane structure can withstand time and extreme weather.  

*Previously of IF-Group

Client: Pfeifer Seil-u. Hebetechnik GmbH
Location: Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Completed: Reconstruction completed 2006      
Stadium Architect: ASS Architekten, Stuttgart Germany
Track Architect: Schürmann Architects, Muenster Germany
Engineering & Roof (initial): Schlaich Bergermann & Partner, Stuttgart Germany
Engineering & Roof (redesign): Form Tl
Membrane Surface Area: 12,718 m²
Membrane Material: PTFE
Scope of Work: Installation, Patterning, and Mounting Calculations, Method Statement