The Guangzhou Baiyun Airport features a membrane roof that allows it to expand while following a regional aesthetic.

The Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is designed to accommodate China’s rapidly growing trade economy and transportation industry. The design for the new Guangzhou Baiyun terminal was envisioned from a need for open, expansive terminals and modularity to allow it to expand with ever-increasing traffic.

Tensile Evolution’s Horst Dürr* was brought in to create the workshop drawings and ensure proper membrane installation for the vast membrane roof. His installation design ensured that proper tension can be maintained even under the most extreme temperature swings.

The finished roof allows clear openings to sunshine and diffuse lighting where appropriate, with graceful arches that pay respect to classical Chinese styling. The membrane roof is integral to the performance, design, and modularity of the airport, positioning Guangzhou Baiyun as a modern hub for Chinese commerce and transportation.

*Previously of IF-Group


Client: Skyspan Europe GmbH
Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Completed: 2004
Architects: URS, Guangdong Provincial Architectural Design Institute, Parsons
Engineers: URS
Airport Coverage: 14.4 square kilometers
Membrane Area: 59350 m²
Membrane Material: Fibertop C1008 PTFE
Scope of Work: Workshop Drawings, Membrane Installation, Specialized Deflection Mitigation